Assange on the Untold Story of the Grounding of Evo Morales’ Plane During Edward Snowden Manhunt – In 2013, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks played a pivotal role in helping National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden leave Hong Kong for Russia. During the U.S. hunt for Snowden, Bolivian President Evo Morales’ plane was forced to land in Austria for 14 hours after Spain, France, Portugal and Italy closed their airspace under pressure from the United States over false rumors Snowden was on board. Assange gives the inside story on why that plane was targeted.

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  • kaunas888

    The whole Morales fiasco simply plays-and rightly so-into a deeply seated feeling of inferiority and abuse by the United States towards Latin America.  Such an action of grounding a presidential plane and illegally searching it would be unthinkable for any first world country, but since it is poor Bolivia with an Indian president-hey-why not?  Then we wonder why the US cannot get traction in getting Latin American governments to condemn Venezuela.  Maybe because we have blown all trust and good will with them.

  • Banjo Marla

    Does anyone know if ever there was an official apology to President Morales?    I feel for the American people, a handful of people are making them globally detested.

  • Bob Lake

    It 58 years on this earth, i have never seen such blatant intimidation from the US towards other first world countries.
    They let the mask slip and showed their true fascist face.

  • scandalasdog

    This is where we see the True state of democracy we all  live in. Governments are above the law and have become flippant about their self interest over the citizens. Indeed now citizens have been reduced to little more than tax cattle, meanwhile the law-makers are in league with the Law breakers in order to loot our productivity and gouge our wages. All the while spying on you to gain "intelligence" so they can crush your life or business at the press of a button. The whole system is Rotten to the core and unfit for purpose.

  • Annie Mite

    So, john oliver, when explaining to the world who Edward Snowden is, said that Julien Assange is a super unlikable guy…made him out to be a doughy faced villian. I know of the sexual assult accusations, and an article (motherboard maybe) about how impossible he is to work with, but why is he a bad bad guy? Seems like he's provided a pretty good service to the world. I saw the LifetimeNetwork-like movie about him which makes him seem okay. So why is he so bad? Of course if the sexual assult stuff were ever substantiated that would be a good enough answer for me. just curious :)

  • Roland Lawrence

    Does seem strange. He couldn't go further because the US cancelled his passport? What about having a few backup identities? You know like most "secret agents" have… Hes in Russia for a reason, but that reason is the US wanted him there. With spying there is always more then meets the eye…

  • s. loren Gallo

    the ignorance here is stunning.  did you follow all of the info , it requires reading.  Julian and Manning exposed crimes and murder of children from our esteemed soldiers.  Do you have that kind of courage?  From the ignorance I see here, you do not.

  • Brad Horner

    You get power that increases like a pyramid until you reach the stratospheric top, which is where you can do possibly anything at all unabated. Nip the problem at the bud. Find who calls the shots at the top guilty for allowing the USA to become an oligarchy. At the top of that pyramid you can print your money and pay to be invisible. As long as greedy people are willing to work for these billionaires and as long as many people still buy their products I don't see them losing their positions.

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