Inside the NSA: An Evening with General Michael Hayden

After the attacks, at the request of the White House, Hayden intensified and expanded NSA wiretapping operations of various communications between Americans and terrorist suspects abroad in hopes of detecting and preventing another terrorist attack. These initial efforts were executed without a court order and after being revealed by The New York Times, were subsequently placed under judicial review. Over time, the NSA’s efforts grew into the multidimensional programs exposed by Edward Snowden, including the collection and storage of phone and email metadata covering billions of calls and messages between American citizens.

In conversation with Amy Zegart, General Hayden provides an insider’s account about the origins and development of the NSA programs. He discusses the directives and mechanisms to control them, and the disagreements within the Bush administration about the extent of the wiretapping. He offers his views on the justification, legal status, scale, and effectiveness of the NSA monitoring.

Author: StanfordUniversity | Duration: 1:13:37 | Rating: 3.64

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  • Daniel Manahan

    He sounds like a car salesman, very accurate in some areas, and then the big sale which we all have to buy his pitch, is that Snowden is an asshole. And if we don't believe that, then he hasn't sold that idea to us well enough.

    he offers too little specifics on why snowden is wrong, other than we just have to trust him, after all look at all the accurate things he says in everything else, he must be telling the truth that snowden is wrong.

  • PBrofaith

    up to 27:31 I am shocked by this guy for a number of reasons I was also surprised by the impact snowden had because this has been going on for far longer and far more intrusively than has been admitted to here. it seems like forever that the US, UK, Candida, NZ and Australia have been spying on each others citizens including business     right down to voice recognition for land and cell calls. every fax, email txt and voice call has been recorded. long long before 9-11
    and what kind of a reason is 9-11 anyway when you have be three quarters of the way to being completely brain dead not to realize that the terrorists who did it were internal to the US administration. 

  • Marco Borst

    Was I right understanding that Michael Hayden defined the moral and still to be decided upon line in the digital age as the difference between "a unique creature of God" and "social animal" ?  His statement starts at 43m25

  • unkleskratch

    He sounds reasonable, even handed and very aware of his charter. Its true that running a security organisation in a democracy is a very fine line to walk… it all comes down to what we have, and how much we are willing to give away in order to feel safe. He's a knowledgeable chap, but the degree of freedom we surrender isn't his call. Its ours.

  • manictiger

    5:32 Diane Fienstein…  "She'll talk about maintaining balance between security and liberty."

    What the fuck would she know about liberty!?  Stalin knew more about liberty than that moronic woman!

    Hell, let's invite Leland Yee, too!  Yeah the anti-gun gun-runner and almost-Senator!

    While we're at it, let's also invite Los Zetas and La Familia, because why not?
    We can talk all about the "balance between security and liberty" with those friendly neighborhood do-gooders.

  • Klaus-Dieter Hinck

    In the end I as many ask themselves: Who according to his words and results for society is +Michael Haden, #GlennGreenwald or anyone than – in the end – and why should power structures have him somehow in the backmind according to whatever kind of to be defined change-, control- or gatekeep-process or according to the reform of the NSA? Is #MichaelHayden an enabler or still functioning even against his will as creating and / or keeping gates according to society-build-up-change-processes?

    I am not sure how to judge the result of content as I do not understand the deep-results of what he is in a way confirming, normalising, discussing or framing according to NSA and the US intelligence monster.

    I value content and riscs or criticism
    and to have content like made here and still
    see we stay gatekeeper to change as everyone
    keeps or opens process change gates by
    freedom and risc of speaking about this or this or
    this with this or this or this range and detail in truth.

    So according to this view-direction #Hayden normalises#
    the acceptance of US EXCEPTIONALISM in feeding the monster by describing
    it and so – whatever the intention of #Stanford is – it is as it is.

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