fbi photoAn investigation spanning the US and Europe is under way after tens of millions of dollars was stolen from bank accounts. The thefts are believed to have been facilitated by a strain of malware known variously as Dridex, Bugat, and Cridex, enabling a group known as Evil Corp to siphon off funds.

The malware has been known of for some time, but law enforcement agencies have only just started to make significant inroads that could thwart the activities of the botnet. An arrest has now been made in connection to the malware which hijacked online banking login pages on infected computers. After stealing usernames and passwords, taking money from accounts was a simple task.

Europol, the FBI, GCHQ, and the UK’s Computer Emergency Response Team are working together to fight what has been described as the worst cyber-attack ever seen. It was thought that agencies had managed to stop the botnet in its tracks, but now there are fears that attacks are starting up once again…

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Photo by Defence Images

FBI and GCHQ investigate Dridex malware after millions $$$ stolen from Bank Accounts

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