5 October 2015 | 10:29 pm

The US justice department has made no effort to contact Edward Snowden to discuss a plea deal that would see him return from exile in Russia, the NSA whistleblower said in an interview on BBC Panorama to be broadcast on Monday night.

Snowden, who is wanted under the Espionage Act after leaking tens of thousands of top secret documents, said he had offered to do time in prison as part of a deal. “We are still waiting for them to call us back,” he said.

His comments come just months after Eric Holder, who was US attorney-general until April, said Snowden’s revelations had “spurred a necessary debate”. He also said the “possibility exists” of a plea deal.

But senior figures in the security services in both the US and UK are unforgiving, wanting him to serve a long sentence…

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Edward Snowden: US has not offered me plea deal

Edward Snowden: US has not offered me plea deal

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