Last Week Tonight With John Oliver: General Keith Alexander Extended Interview (HBO)

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John Oliver interviews General Keith Alexander, former head of the NSA. General Alexander discusses Edward Snowden and helps John rebrand a national security organization.

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Author: LastWeekTonight | Duration: 9:26 | Rating: 4.84

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  • HesteBremse

    NB! NB! – Next time you loose something like your Mobile or you cant find those damn Tax Papers or your Hard Drive Crashes then Call the NSA because they got it all backed up anyway. CALL CALL CALL. Then in the flow of happy customers they can then easily rebrand to "National Service Agency" and it will only cost a few replacement letters in the Logo and a bit of re arrangement – And finally it all starts to make sense and at least the US citizen get something back form their tax dollars. But remember even if you are not a US Citizen you can still call for help since they collect Data more or less everywhere – Perhaps they might ask for a Donation for recovering your Data, but hey now they are even making public money out of it – Excellent!.

  • PhantomAct

    You rely on geeky masturbatory teenagers on fizzy drinks to be decent humanbeings when they have access to everything about every citizen's life. Tell this General to stop taking us for morons. Save your breath and stfu Sir.

  • manny6229

    the NSA is useless. the U.S are a bunch of scare Pussy's we had one terrorist attack. that we our self are to blame for. and know you can't take a shit without people standing by you.its fucking pathetic

  • Joseph K

    National security, come on, NSA spies on other non- terrorist nations as well, other nation's government officials at summits, even its allies, government offices of friendly nations, even the general population of friendly nations. They even tapped all phones in the capital, every single one, even the white house, without the government knowing about it. google, youtube, facefook, are all just straws, I don't feel safe anymore anywhere, the smart phones are listening and tracking every word and every move, they can even plant a virus in your laptop that can turn on the webcam and the microphone array without you knowing about it, some anti virus company detected that virus and traced its source to their servers. Security and Intelligence is an important issue, but this is too much power for anyone. Maybe it isn't getting abused now, but who knows what happens in the future, eh?

  • jurtly

    To John and awesome crew:
    Please forgive me for not knowing how to research myself but I am confused with many "facts". Why is it that the Gov keeps saying that we are safer from terrorist attAcks yet we've suffered more mass murders within our own borders in exactly these past years, and moreover, isn't the NSA looking for terrorist information? Not one of these 300 something mass shootings have texted or emailed any information??? What are they doing and exactly what terrorist danger are we in?

    Sorry if I wrote it like an idiot, I am one, but a curious one.
    Thank you for even just skimming through this!

  • drevilatwork

    The problem is that the nsa has more or less forced the hardware makers to build hardwired backdoors into everything whit a chip in it. Thats like forcing every car maker to build cars that secretly can be remote controlled which by they way chrysler is doing has it was shown with jeep grand cherokee. The problem is that sooner or later that power will get into the wrong hands as it did over and over since the begining of the digital age. 

  • QuiveringNow

    Gathering information on a population allows you to influence and/or manipulate them in the direction of your choice. It's just naive to believe that with the science/technology available today any controlling body like our government wouldn't use it to their advantage. The manufacture of consent!

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