Edward Snowden, NYT are complicit in ISIS crimes

The NYT reports that ISIS has used NSA intelligence leaked by Edward Snowden to change how they operate.

Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media notes the irony that the Times is reporting this, since they and the CBC were the ones who initially portrayed Snowden as a heroic whistleblower.

In the past, what Snowden and his media allies did would have been called espionage.

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  • Sho3z xD

    its because he was afraid of being taken out by the triad or something that he flew to Russia and he is only aloud to stay in Russia for 3 years.
    and the information is PSP or other normal free to anyone programs and websites you can still trace MAC addresses.

    Germany rejected him so after 3 years he is screwd

  • Ben Hassid

    A ten year old autistic child could debate the points brought forth in this video..
    By the way, ISIS, or any other jerk water terrorist group could have gotten all the information they needed by watching any Jason Borne Movie.
    Huge fail "Rebel" media..

  • mlax141

    Can you talk on another channel? I like to hear Gavin, but you're a warmonger and just plain silly. Snowden gave up nothing important, and the US government lost profiles of everyone of the 20+ million people in their employ.

    Oooh, wow, terrorists know we're spying on them. Yeah, they only learned that from Snowden.

  • mlax141

    This channel is misnamed. It should be called Status-Quo Media. The only rebel voice is Gavin. Give him his own channel and call that one Rebel Media, call this one Same Old Tired War Monger Scaredy Pants. I'd rather listen to Mitch McConnell than you.

  • UB40Music

    If you idiots here commenting in support of the traitor Snowden hate the western world so much, why not go live in Russia, Iran, China or where the Islamic State is taken over if you all love their way of living and their systems..
    The western worlds system is the freest system that has ever being on this planet.
    Snowden is a traitor who let all the terrorists around the world know how the law agencies do their job in catching these terrorists..
    So fucking what if the government sees that you have visited gay porn websites.. It's better than not catching the terrorist that was going to blow something up where you may have visited on the day that the terrorist was going to do his/her evil act..

  • Neavris

    He got stuck in russia, he didn't choose to go there. The state department canceled his passport in 2013 and he was sequestrated in the airport before getting asylum. Also, he had to escape hong kong because the USA was trying to get him deported from there to the USA, but it was revealed that the NSA was spying on HK's officials and somehow HK made some mistake about the name of Snowden, which had been incompletely filled in by the US officials.

  • Jedi Patriot

    If "America" (The people of United States) had any self-respect, we would have taken back our country when Snowden revealed how our government was/still is violating our rights.  I admit that I was furious with him at first, but when I read the proof, and when our government admitted it, that should have been the end of it.  Period.

    Peace (except to governments that violate the rights of their people)

  • Tracie Sawyers

    Umm, bullshit. He mentioned Nazi spies. Bwahaha, we know about Operation Paperclip. Edward Snowden may or may not be a hero, but Isis, and terrorisms are government created entities to keep the masses afraid. 

  • Jack Troughton

    "Defected to Russia" is inaccurate, and I'd be nonplussed to discover Levant doesn't know this. He went where he was able to, as far as I know, and no one wants to piss off the US but Russia. I doubt he has any connection to the RU gov't…

    "Anti-American spy" lol, he was very very pro-American, by extension of being pro-human. I'm not seeing proof that he was installed to do what he did, so even the "espionage" charge is off the table.

    "Nazi spy". Oddly enough, America welcomed them in at the war's end. They didn't need to sneak into the Pentagon, they were given clearances. 😛

    And the whole logical premise: 'Your behaviour enables atrocities' is true. But it's true in the same way as 'Continuing to produce food enables them, cause they need to eat to live, live to kill, etc.'. Without statement of support, intention, there's no moral force to it. It doesn't make you "complicit" in the way implied.

    It's the kind of Asimovian robotic logic that "Killign all humans would end human suffering". You don't stop doing beneficial, useful things because people will use those things for nefarious purposes. Spiting your face, there.

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