“Citizenfour” | Oscar-winner Laura Poitras on Edward Snowden

“Citizenfour” has won the Oscar for best documentary. Director Laura Poitras talks about her subject Edward Snowden.
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Author: CBCTheNational | Duration: 12:2 | Rating: 4.86

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  • The National

    "How do I know this isn't entrapment? How do I know you're for real? How do I know you're not crazy and why are you contacting me?"
    Oscar-nominated filmmaker Laura Poitras talks about what it was like to be Edward Snowden's first contact over leaked NSA documents.

  • AuntyBillKen

    We keep getting distracted by the idea that the surveillance system has been introduced to protect people's safety, but the terrorism was deliberately perpetuated to get us to agree to the surveillance. So, we need only to wonder what the people behind the system are thinking about us. What are they afraid we'll do to them or, less likely, ourselves? Ironically, perhaps, wake up? I can't help thinking tiny red themselves as an elite class facing the same end of those in the French Revolution. But I think we're better than that, guys. Don't worry. Remember South Africa.

  • Pablo Escobar

    9:20 "…the bond of trust between the people and it's government. I'd hate to see that eroded"
    WAKE UP my friend! The bond of trust is not in fear of being eroded. It's GONE. Washed away well and good many years ago. The internet, the pre-PRISM internet was probably our last chance at genuinely overthrowing the numerous quasi-democracies that constitute the Western world. 

    I think the sad part in all of this is the average moron doesn't really give a shit. So long that nothing visibly and overtly infringes on their 50 Channels of American Gladiator [to paraphrase Bill Hicks] and their other (percieved) rights of freedom, it's all OK. Go back to bed America. Your government is in control and is telling you everything is OK.  

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